Lisa Qin

Educator, Consultant, Writer, Seeker

Hi. I’m Lisa, you can also call me Qin Qin (pronounced Chin Chin).

A first-generation Chinese immigrant to Australia, I used to be a poster child for the model minority (yes, I played piano, violin and did Kumon growing up). I veered off-script after a quarter-life crisis and realised life wasn’t an exam to ace.

I’ve since created a more fulfilling life on my own terms, even if it does involve spending a lot of time alone and wandering to the confusion of my Tiger Mother.

The adjectives which describe my career are as a Scanner or “multi-potentialite” – someone whose interests have spanned multiple fields. I’ve worked in corporate law, teaching, international development, nature education, start-ups, and policy reform, to name a few!

I hold four university degrees, including from Harvard, and am a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. I was recognised for my work in the 40 under 40: Most Influential Asian Australian Awards in 2020.

Photo of Lisa smiling wearing a white dress

Now I aim to live consciously with love, like the millennial soul-searching hippy I was always supposed to be, towards a more sustainable and peaceful world 🕊

I harness my skills, interests, and experiences to serve the world in my own unique way while helping others do the same. My superpowers are teaching, community-building and improving cross-cultural engagement.

My 2022 focus is ‘equanimity’ and motto is ‘go slow to go fast’ 🐢

For more: You can listen to my interview on breaking the ‘model minority’ mould on the ANU OpenMike podcast (2021), or read more about me and my career changes in this UniMelb Alumni profile (2018) when I won the Australia China Young Alumni award and Advance interview on my work in China (2018).