Updated 25 August 2022 from Australia. This is a  “What I’m Doing Now” page inspired by Derek Sivers, and if you have your own site, you could make one too.


I’m writing a memoir. Writing has been the one thing which has anchored me and gotten me to a place of stillness despite a peripatetic life. I’ve always wanted to write more and now I’m finally doing so! I’m trying to read much less and to help me focus, I’m no longer using social media.

“Religion, teachers, women, drugs, the road, fame, money… nothing gets me high and offers relief from the suffering like blackening pages, writing.’

– Leonard Cohen

Career Design

I’m managing a program to help people more intentionally find careers they love. The question of “what should I do with my life?” is one I’ve been grappling with since I was an idealistic teenager. If I’m lucky enough to live until I’m a wise elder, I still hope to be seeking the ultimate truth of my existence and helping others come to their own answers.

Inner Work & Play

I’m continuing to do inner work through different spiritual practices. It’s what the philosopher Ken Wilber elegantly frames as “growing up, cleaning up, waking up, and showing up”. My partner and I are getting a puppy in a few weeks. It’s very exciting and a big deal, because it shows I’m settling in one place! I’ve also started to do some improv comedy with a local group.

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